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No Pressure Cover
No Pressure Cover
Sail The Seven C's (With Audio)
Trumpet Voluntarily: Strategically Designed Warmups
Vanasek, Modern System of Natural Playing for Brass-p01
Macbeth, The Original Louis Maggio System for Brass-p001
Stevens-Costello, Triple C Embouchure Technique-p001
Total Range
Deutsch, The Extended Trumpet Range
Ultimate Embouchure Collection
Schaefer, August H, The Stratosphere of Cornet or Trumpet Playing-1
Pushkarev, Tongue Aperture Method-p01

No Pressure Collection By Various Authors


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This is our flagship bundle. This insane 55% off bundle includes our most popular books for helping you play without pain, with way less pressure, and have the endurance you have always dreamed of. After Black Friday is over, this bundle will remain, but the price is going way up, so this is a one-day-only deal. You’ve been warned!

The authors of these books each stress the importance of following their instructions in order to perform the exercises properly. As Charles Peters puts it in Total Range, “there are many wrong ways of doing things, but only one right way!”

The wisdom contained in these pages will allow you to find new levels of efficiency and ease, allowing you to work less hard and focus on what’s important.

Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

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