• No Pressure Cover
    • Hunt, Sail the Seven C’s-p01
    • Trumpet Voluntarily, Three Strategically Designed Warmups to Combat the Demands Of Today’s Trumpet Players-p01
    • Vanasek, Modern System of Natural Playing for Brass-p01
    • Macbeth, The Original Louis Maggio System for Brass-p001
    • Stevens-Costello, Triple C Embouchure Technique-p001
    • peters-total-range-for-trumpet
    • Deutsch, The Extended Trumpet Range
    • D’Ath, Norman, Cornet Playing
    • Schaefer, August H, The Stratosphere of Cornet or Trumpet Playing-1
    • Pushkarev, Tongue Aperture Method-p01

    No Pressure Collection by Various Authors

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