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22 FUNdamental Studies Vol. Four By Erik Veldkamp


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Embark on a thrilling musical odyssey with maestro Erik Veldkamp in “FUNdamental Studies: Volume Four.” This pivotal instalment introduces 22 trumpet studies, showcasing a progressive climb from intermediate to advanced levels. Veldkamp’s expert guidance is evident as Volume Four introduces heightened complexity, challenging players with harder key signatures and intricate time signatures. Through carefully curated exercises, trumpeters navigate through a spectrum of musical challenges, refining technique, deepening musicality, and amplifying overall proficiency. Volume Four marks a transformative chapter, pushing boundaries and ensuring players conquer not only advanced articulation, and intervals, but also master the intricacies of diverse musical landscapes. Elevate your playing with Veldkamp’s visionary approach.

To the left you will find the first and last page as samples from Volume Four, so you know the level at the beginning and end of this volume. Give them a try for free, then click above to grab an immediate digital download.

Fundamental Study 4-1

Fundamental Study 4-13

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