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Below you will find the professional endorsements for Paul Baron’s Trumpet Voluntarily “Strategically Designed Warm-Ups”. Click here to check it out for yourself.


Finally a book with some fantastic old-school, real world advice. I have long maintained that trumpet players try and complicate things too much. Well, Paul Baron has taken a seemingly complex issue and simplified it with some of the most practical advice we will ever get… and that is actually very profound!

Jens Lindemann, International Soloist.

I recently got in the Mail the new Paul Baron book “Trumpet Voluntarily “an approach on how to warm up for the demanding hard days, can’t said enough how much I enjoying this book since I got it,this a fantastic book for students and Professionals trumpet players and it should be part of a text book for any trumpet teacher at any college,Paul explain and guide you step by step how to play everyone of the exercise in the book in a way that you warm up easy and teach yourself to get ready for any situation ahead on your day.

Do yourself a favor a get a copy you won’t be disappointed.

Raul Agraz, NYC freelance and recording trumpet artist.

His methodical approach and vast experience as a working professional has provided us a fantastic arsenal of exercises to keep trumpet players in top form with these targeted warmups. Thank you for sharing the techniques that have helped you become the world-class player you are today!

Brian McDonald, Lead Trumpet with Maynard Ferguson, KC And The Sunshine Band, and 20+ years veteran Lead Trumpet with DC’s premiere big band, “The Airmen Of Note”.

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting next to Paul over the years on various national tours and have always been amazed at his consistency as a player and generosity as a person. I can remember many times warming up with him back stage, talking about chops and our like-minded goal to continually become more efficient as trumpet players. I was always struck by the simplicity of his approach, being able to get into “show mode” by simply focusing on listening more closely to his body.

Paul’s latest book” “Trumpet Voluntarily”, puts these concepts into writing, revealing each of his 3 daily routines from beginning to end. They offer insight into the process of the mind and body, learning how to listen more closely and knowing when you’re ready to play your best. While many of the exercises will be familiar to trumpet players, it’s the APPROACH that makes all the difference. Mindlessly playing through a routine or warmup does not create consistency long term. It’s the ability to LISTEN to your body and identify signals that tell you when you are ready. This is a key element of Paul’s method and approach.

The exercises and warm-ups are set in an incremental manner and establish checkpoints along the way. Days you are feeling great, you can move more quickly through it. Days that things aren’t working as efficiently, you can take your time, rest more often, and listen more closely to your body. I’ve often thought of a daily warmup as simply a way to get back “home” in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Trumpet Voluntarily clarifies this concept in each of the three warmups, providing you with multiple ways to think about and approach efficiency.

Lastly, as someone who has recently recovered from Bell’s Palsy, this book has helped me more clearly focus on body signals and become more aware of the little differences each day brings in terms of chops.

Paul Baron exemplifies the word “pro” in every sense and this book is a tried and true test of the daily life challenges as an active and working professional trumpet player. All levels of musicians can benefit from Trumpet Voluntarily and this approach.

Chip Crotts, Director of Jazz Studies at Georgia Tech. Maynard Ferguson, Natalie Cole, Ray Charles and many more.

Trumpet friends,

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been digging into the various warm-up routines in this new book by lead trumpet great, Paul Baron. One of the first things that I realized very quickly was that these routines are logical, progressive and purposeful. There’s a routine for practice days, gig days and pre-show warmups, each of which gets your air, sound, tongue, flexibility and fingers ready for the task at hand – making music!

But there’s more than just the exercises themselves. Paul guides you all along the way with clear written guidelines on what to do, when to stop, what to check, when to move on, and when to finish. These are real world routines developed by Paul following decades in the orchestra pits, on the stages and in the recording studios all over North America. Highly recommended!!

Rick Rangno, Retired Lead Trumpet Player in Canada’s Premiere Military Bands.

After reviewing Paul’s latest book, Trumpet Voluntarily; Three Strategically Designed Warm-ups to Conquer the Increasing Demands of Today’s Trumpet Player, I am reminded of the importance of receiving valuable information from top professionals in the business.

Paul Baron certainly meets this criteria as he is one of the top Lead Trumpet players in the world today. He has intuitively penned his thoughts on efficiency and “Physical Therapy” for the chops with his advice on the usage of different warm-ups to keep himself in tip-top shape physically and mentally.

Having sat alongside Paul on “Aladdin”, he is the epitome of perfection and continues to refine his playing and understanding to conquer the increasing demands of today’s trumpet player.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who considers themself a student of the trumpet.

Greg Wing. Professor of Music; trumpet, Morehead State University. Lead trumpet in Las Vegas, Tom Jones, Buddy Rich, and Paul Anka.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize Paul Baron and his wonderful series of books, Trumpet Voluntarily. For many of us, when we hear outstanding trumpet playing we wonder “how do they do that?!” And having had the pleasure of working with Paul on a number of occasions, I found myself in awe of his musicianship, consistency, and leadership in the section. Paul does not only talk the talk, he walks the walk and has been gracious enough to show us the way in these great books. From giving us insight into the day-to-day world of a touring musician to directly addressing the challenges of modern trumpet playing, these books are true gems. Thank you, Paul, for your passion and dedication to your craft, and for sharing your great wealth of knowledge with the rest of us!

Matt Anklan, Professor of Trumpet Miami University


While reading and working through much of this beautiful book by Paul Barron, I find myself getting my upper body in shape! Good idea with the push up’s Paul! I have found this well-written book to be an incredible resource for myself as well as my students. The different warm-up types that are presented based upon The Morning After, Gig Day, and Pre Show are all well thought out and very doable! Congrats Paul on an excellent book, Trumpet Voluntarily!

Rob Parton, Lead Trumpet Professor University of North Texas and 2:00 Band Leader

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