The Top Ten World’s Shortest Trumpet Books

I have come across many books which are exceedingly short. Some as little as 5 pages. What astounds me is that these short books hold some of the most useful daily routines in publication today. To make this blog post I dug through nearly 500 books in the qPress collection and found the top 10 shortest books in the trumpet canon. Have a look around and click through for in-depth descriptions. I think you will like what you find.

Robert Schumann’s “Rules & Maxims for Young Musicians”

In the newly discovered and recently re-published work by Richard Shuebruk “The Cornet Player’s Guide, When, What, and How to Practice,” he explains that this essay was an inspiration to his study of the trumpet and that it is something we should all read and return to often. Until today I had never read this, but I am very glad that I have now. I will be keeping it here for future reference for myself and my students. I recommend that you do the same.

Summer Practice Routine

Summer Practice Routine

Chris Gekker is one of our favourite trumpet players at qPress. Tone and musicianship like his are things all trumpeters should aspire to. In this blog post he outlines his summer practice routine so you can try it out yourself. There is no better time to get in shape then the dog days of summer. Check it out right here.

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