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    Making Charlier’s “Thirty-Six Plus”

    Making Charlier’s 36 Plus

    Here is a bit of the background about where the idea for this book came from, what it is like to navigate, and what you can expect when your copy arrives.

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    To date, qPress has published over 800 books, and by the time you read this, surely many hundreds more. When you deal in brass literature on a full time basis, you begin to appreciate the unique value of a variety of pedagogical resources. Some are specific and intensely focused, while others are inspiring and motivational. But, despite the wealth of significant scholarship on the study of trumpet playing, few books have the same weight of importance as Théo Charlier’s 36 Transcendental Studies.

    These studies are practiced and performed by virtually every advanced player on the planet, and they represent a significant portion of all conservatory and college level programs world wide. This publication is our attempt to expand Charlier’s studies into a more grand method, giving players the prerequisite skills required to perform each study with ease.

    In early editions, Charlier recommended a list of supplemental exercises that should be practiced in tandem with the original etude. The additional exercises highlight and isolate the fundamentals required for successful performance. In this edition, which we have entitled “Thirty-Six Plus” you will find:

    1. A complete re-engraving of all 36 Transcendental Studies, with all known errata, and including editorial markings and corrections from Louis Ranger.
    2. A complete translation of all of Charlier’s original essays.
    3. Every supplemental exercise and study suggested by Charlier, interspersed throughout his 36 Studies.
    4. Prefaces by leading trumpet professionals on the impact of Charlier’s compositions on modern trumpet playing.

    This publication is formatted as a program of study. Each chapter begins with a foreword by a prominent professional trumpeter, followed by the supplemental studies recommended by Théo Charlier, and culminating with the Charlier study in question. We hope that by the time you reach each Charlier study you have been thoroughly prepared by the supplemental material which preceded it.

    The additional exercises found in each chapter are labelled with the author’s name and the title. The original publications are all published by qPress. They include Balay’s 15 Studies, Chavanne’s 25 Characteristic Studies, Laurent’s Practical Studies Book 1, Petit’s Grand Etudes, Maxime-Alphonse’s New Studies for Trumpet Book 2, and Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method.

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to John Laverty for his exceptional engraving of this edition, Louis Ranger for his editorial and guidance, and all of my friends and colleagues who contributed their voice to each chapter. This book would have been impossible without your generosity.

    Timothy Quinlan
    Founder, qPress Music Publishing


    Full List of Contributors:  Lou Ranger, Allan Dean, Giuliano Sommerhalder, Chris Gekker, Ed Carroll, John Wallace, Otto Sauter, Clement Saunier, David Baldwin, John Miller, David Elton, Karen Donnelly, Karin Bliznik, Elisa Koehler, Aaron Hodgson, Joel Brennan, Adam Zinatelli, William Day, John Laverty, Shawn Spicer, Mary Bowden, David Dash, Raquel Rodriquez, Théo Charlier, Tim Quinlan


    • I was concerned that the confusing tempo modifications in the original were not cleaned up. They are confusing in that the usual above the staff position is very inconsistent and requires a fair amount of explanation to students.

      • You can see from the samples that everything was reworked and clarified between the Editor Lou Ranger and the engraver John Laverty. It has received universal praise!

    • Tim,
      I’m absolutely knocked out by the “new” Charlier. Finally an easy to understand version. My original was given to me by Maestro Renold Schilke in 1978. Now I, a rank amateur, can actually progress through this beautiful music. Thanks for providing this amazing education. I wish I could have had this in college. Merci beaucoup, mom ami,
      Bruce Piner

    • My amazement grew as I went through this fantastic book. What a resource you have provided to trumpet players.
      Well done!

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