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Mark Gould’s brilliance becomes palpable in this book. Amazing thought-provoking, informed and educational insight to one of the great musical minds of our time. Thanks so much for opening horizons through your work. A must read!

Jose Sibaja
Internationally acclaimed trumpet soloist 1st trumpet, Boston Brass
Former lead trumpet with Ricky Martin
Professor of trumpet, Vanderbilt University


Mark Gould is a reader of people and their personalities and has used his insight as a teacher to help many of us reach our goals in the incredibly competitive field of classical music.

Not surprisingly, On Music: Playing, Studying, Teaching and Preparing For the Future, his latest literary effort, is erudite, funny, and thoughtful in a way you rarely find in brass players, let alone in ANYONE in the music world at large. His colorful playing and elegant phrasing as a trumpet player were clearly informed by his wide variety of experience and habit of life-long learning. The first thing Mark told me when I started to study with him was that his goal was for me to be able to teach myself. In reading this book, I continue, more than 20 years after I studied with him, to learn to do that from a unique master in the music world.

Ben Wright
Second Trumpet Boston Symphony
Faculty New England Conservatory & Tanglewood Music Center Co-founder New England Virtual Trumpet Seminar


Any of us who were lucky enough to study with Mark Gould know that the greatness in his teaching is his uncanny ability to find the key that unlocks the best in every student – to help us search within ourselves and discover our particular voice, and then to teach us how to fully use it. Insightful, intelligent, creative, funny, practical, and always provocative, this wonderful new book by Gould reflects his unique way of illuminating the core issues at the heart of everything.

Michael Sachs
Principal trumpet, Cleveland Orchestra
Music Director, Strings Music Festival (Steamboat Springs) Chair of Brass
The Cleveland Institute of Music


No surprise, coming from Mark Gould: there is not any book about trumpet and musicianship remotely close to this. Serious, serious stuff, written with a quick, flowing narrative – imagine a page- turner about playing the trumpet! At the same time, we are compelled to reread, study, and think, long after the book is put down.

Also no surprise, there is humor within – this quality is an ironic deep vein in all of Mark’s creative output. (To call him “funny” is as silly as calling music by Ellington and Beethoven “pretty.”) A reading experience that is deeply educational, perspectives and insights that inspire further reflection – how often, honestly, do we experience this? I have no doubt that anyone who explores these pages will be moved, as I continue to be.

Ostensibly a book about playing and teaching trumpet, this book soon extends into areas of general musicianship, with perspectives and insights that compel us to think long after the book is put down. Ultimately these explorations by Mark Gould expand further, meditations on artistic creativity that exceed anything in my own reading experience. His thoughts on teaching are universal, truly sui generis – I could easily imagine them useful whether we are trying to teach physics, history, or coach a basketball team.

Chris Gekker
Professor of trumpet, University of Maryland
International recording artist
1st trumpet, St. Luke’s Chamber Orchestra
Former trumpet, American Brass Quintet


Mark Gould’s new book “On Music, Playing Studying, Teaching , and Preparing for the Future”, is a Must-read for all musicians of all generations. Mark has not written a “how to” for trumpet students’ but a “HOW TO” for musicians, teachers, and students. The importance of Song, Swing, Sound, Practice is practical advice on how to achieve the next level of performance in music and even in parts of one’s life.

Gail Williams
Associate principal horn emeritus, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Professor of French horn, Northwestern University


Mark Gould makes you think! I first experienced him in 1988 where he was playing an amazing recital of both classical and jazz at the International Trumpet Guild conference while introducing works with his characteristically intelligent sense of sardonicism. It was mesmerizing because he made you listen AND think. Reading this book has reminded me of why I instantly fell in love with his approach to music making, teaching and profound observations of the world all around us. Gould is easily one of the most successful pedagogues in the history of our instrument. His mantra is empowering students to find their own way and that is the mark of a true mentor. This book should not only be read, it should be re- read at random times…because Mark Gould makes you think!

Jens Lindemann
C.M., LL.D (Hon.), FRCMT (Hon.)
Professor of Trumpet, UCLA
Canadian Brass (1996-2001)
MM Juilliard ‘92


Mark Gould is a mensch. In On Music: Playing, Studying, Teaching, and Preparing for the Future, he shares with the reader stories

from his vast experience as a brilliant performer and legendary teacher, and offers opinions, insights, reminiscences and predictions in a particularly “Gouldian” fashion. On Music is a great addition to the bookshelf of any musician – performer, teacher, conductor, psychologist, rabbi, etc. I don’t know of a better, more practical and more thoughtful guide to great teaching.

Jerry Junkin
Artistic Director and Conductor, The Dallas Winds
Music Director and Conductor, Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia
Visiting Professor, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
Vincent R. DiNino Chair for the Director of Bands
University Distinguished Teaching Professor UT Austin

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