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Dearest qPress fans, much to our dismay, Amazon cancelled October Prime Day at the last second. BUT, since we already had some huge promotions planned, why should you guys have to miss out?

Below you will find our huge one-day-only 50%-off deals. Prime Day is a two-day event, so you have a chance to sift through the catalog today and tomorrow to grab all of the deals before they are gone for good. What we did is we made each of our top 20 French Horn books of all time 50% off. No coupons needed, the digital editions are all discounted, and you can click the links below.

If there is something else you want we also made a 25% off coupon for all regular priced items, just check out with code: PrimeDay.

Thank you, and have fun shopping!

October 12-13, 2021 Half-Price Deals

  1. Lowery, Method for Jazz Improvisation
  2. Ewald, The Complete Ewald Quintets
  3. Bundle, Low Horn Focus Set (5 Books)
  4. Neuling, Complete Neuling Set
  5. Bodet, Complete Bodet Collection
  6. Porret, 24 Melodic and Progressive Studies
  7. Kling, 40 Characteristic Studies for Horn
  8. Gerow, A Study of Jazz (With Audio)
  9. Dean, Music of Heinrich Isaac (With Yale Brass Trio Recordings)
  10. Muller, 34 Studies for Horn Op.64
  11. Bundle, Complete Barranco Horn Collection (11 Books)
  12. Bundle, Pottag Complete Collection (7 Books)
  13. Eby, Scientific Method for Horn
  14. Strauss, Exercises for Natural horn for Daily Study
  15. De Pre, 20 Studies for low Horn
  16. Schantl, Grand Theoretical & Practical Method Books 1-4
  17. Veldkamp, 33 Progressive Range Studies
  18. Strauss, Concert Studies for Horn in F
  19. Huffnagle, Streamlined Etudes Book 1
  20. Wienandt, 10 Masterworks for Brass Choir
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