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Complete Neuling Set By Hermann Neuling


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Hermann Neuling was the undisputed master of low horn. While performing as a low horn player at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin and teaching at the nearby Conservatorium, Neuling devoted himself to creating study books that help hornists develop their low register.

Although modern horn players still often specialize in low or high horn, it is clear that every player needs to develop proficiency in all areas of the instrument.

The 3 books in this bundle, Neuling’s 30 Special Studies for Low Horn and 18 Etudes for Low Horn, as well as his 15 Technical Studies for High Horn, have become staples of the modern horn player’s etude library. You will find excerpts from these etude books on jury and audition lists, and they are used in studios and conservatories worldwide. Enjoy 40% off for a limited time only!

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