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24 Melodic and Progressive Studies By Julien Porret


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24 Melodic and Progressive Studies by Julien Porret is such an incredible book. You may see the price and wonder why it costs more than other books, but that is because it actually has more pages than his Complete Progressive Method for Trumpet! This collection of studies is valuable to players at all levels that it is used worldwide in advanced trumpet studios at Colleges, Universities, and Conservatories. Chris Gekker created an entire Porret Routine to use with his students that he outlines in his latest book “Slow Practice.”

Porret explains in his preface that “the present studies were conceived for endowing the lips with a perfect strength and also the resistance that will enable them to attempt with a minimum of fatigue the practice of long solos and works. It is particularly advisable, for the young players, to practice the easier alternative exercises first, at first on the cornet or the trumpet in Bb and, afterwards, on the trumpet in C but only when these difficulties are erased. These studies are progressive in the same way as my METHOD FOR CORNET OR TRUMPET and they are a logical continuation of it. They must bring excellent profits to the studious pupils who will practise them with seriousness.”

To the left you will find samples and the first complete study, then you can grab an immediate PDF download above.

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