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Progressive Method for Trumpet By Julien Porret


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Julien Porret is best known for this Progressive Method for the Trumpet. Expertly translated into English, French, and German, this in-depth method book takes players through all areas of brass playing from preliminary attacks, scales, fingers, articulations, chromatics, lip flexibilities, arpeggios, lip setting, intervals, dynamics, and all interspersed with melodies, duets, and solos to keep the player interested.

This book is meant to pair together with his 24 Melodic and Progressive Studies as a follow up, as the second book picks up where this method leaves off and takes players into much more difficult territory. What does the player do after that? He should move on to the Arban Method (also edited by Porret) and the breakdown of the Characteristic Studies as taught by Arban himself. Porret created an entire syllabus, all on his own.

Check out samples from the front and the back of the book to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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