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Grand Theoretical & Practical Method for the Valve Horn (Books 1-4 Complete) By Josef Schantl


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Schantl’s Grand Theoretical & Practical Method for the Valve Horn has been a staple of Horn literature for a century, and for very good reason. Each of the four books included here cover a vital area of playing, leading students down a path to becoming a well rounded and solid performer.

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Book 1, School for the Valveless Horn

Learning to play the valveless horn has never been easier. Using this book as the foundation for the series, Schantl prepares players for the most vital assests for their development: Flexibility, Precision, and Control.

Book 2, 125 Exercises & 100 Exercises

These exercises are written in such a way as to thoroughly acquaint the student with all the major and minor keys. Special exercises are written for each interval of the scale and each study further develops the performer’s skill in rhythm and phrasing. The student is also exposed to the low register of the horn where he learns to play with surprising facility.

Book 3, 120 Melodic Pieces

These 120 melodic pieces without accompaniment are designed to teach interpretation in preparation to solo playing. Where Book 2 teaches us technical facility, Book 3 is written so the student can concentrate on phrasing and musicianship rather than on the difficulties of speed and range. Students practice interpreting the composer’s ideas along with their own, telling a story to the listener through musical thoughts.

Book 4, 90 Etudes for the French Horn

This book is known as a practical method for transposition. Schantl outlines various common horn transpositions, and then leads the student through 90 studies written by Kopprasch, Gallay, and Schantl himself. These 90 studies put all of the concepts outlined in the complete method into practice, and act as a beautiful conclusion to this most beloved method.

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