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Trumpet Voluntarily: Strategically Designed Warmups By Paul Baron


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Following up on his extremely successful first book, Trumpet Voluntarily, Paul Baron has written this much anticipated second book in the series titled “Trumpet Voluntarily: Three Strategically Designed Warmups To Conquer The Increasing Demands Of Today’s Trumpet Player.”

Complete with a foreword by Jon Lewis, this book is a perfect continuation of the ideas Paul presented at the outset of his first book. More specifically, that by listening for the messages and signs our bodies are sending us, we can feed our chops and body with the correct fuel, in the right way, to have the consistent results we are looking for. That is where these strategically designed warmups come in. By taking our cues from our bodies, and following Paul’s tried and tested routines, we can nourish our bodies on the morning after a gig, on gig day itself, and with a pre-show routine that lines up your body and your mind for the work that lies ahead.

Below you will see an outline of what you can find inside, to the left you can find some samples, and above you can grab an immediate digital download or print edition.

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Morning After Warmup: “This came to me as a way to wipe the slate clean every day, especially after a hard day of playing the day before, and to start with that clean slate to rebuild fresh chops every day. This warmup is probably the most fluid or flexible depending on how the chops feel from one day to the next. For me, this warmup can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to 45 minutes depending on how things are feeling and progressing.”

Gig Day Warmup: “This warmup is, as all warmups should be, a way to get all things working including air, sound, tone, tongue, fingers, etc. I like to do this warmup earlier in the workday when I have a few hours between warmup and the gig. This warmup progresses through a number of exercises and is actually more than just a warmup and goes into a mini routine. I use this a lot on the road and when I’m in a long-running show.”

Pre-Show Warmup: “One of the ideas came to mind when adjudicating high school big bands. I noticed that when I walked down the halls where the bands were warming up and waiting to go on stage, I’d hear trumpet players screaming in the practice rooms. As a result, I decided I should write a warmup so that just enough warmup is covered but only to the point of preparing for the gig. This warmup gets everything working quickly and also gives us mental confidence so we are totally prepared for the gig and firing on all cylinders right from the first note. “

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