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Sail The Seven C’s (With Audio) By Clyde Hunt


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Now, you can master the Pedal through the highest registers of the trumpet by DECREASING mouthpiece pressure and INCREASING the pressure of the air stream. Learn how to eliminate the “strong-arm” method of changing partials forever!

CHAPTERS: Sail The Seven C’s trumpet. The Five Myths * The Static Embouchure * Choosing The Mouthpiece * Psychology of the High Register * The Split-Note Enigma * Bibliography of Embouchure Development Books * The importance of Pedal Tones * The importance of Rest * Lip Tension and Air Pressure * The Silent Whistle * and more.

This Third Edition of Sail The Seven C’s has been expanded to include:

  1. A larger method book with increased text, exercises, and 11 Advanced Etudes.
  2. MP3 recordings that demonstrate many of the exercises, as well as Hunt’s performance of the eleven outrageous etudes. Hunt’s “talking book” comments, concerning the highlights of sail the seven c’s, have been included in the MP3 folder.

To the left you can find some samples, and the corresponding audio is below. Click above to grab an immediate digital download of both.


“Sail The Seven C’s is excellent trumpet literature, a must for every trumpeter’s library.”
– Jazz Trumpet Journal

“…repeated reading is suggested. The accompanying recording is invaluable…he is never condescending…. he writes as though he were with you in the practice room”
– Journal of the International Trumpet Guild

“…from beginning to end, this text is an inspiration for extended tones high brass instruction”
– Intl. Association of Jazz Educators

Listen to Clyde Perform Etude 1

Warm Up No.1

Pedal Tone Studies

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