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Tongue Aperture Method By Vladimir Pushkarev


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Tongue position is essential for efficient brass playing. Vladimir Pushkarev knows this, and his Tongue Aperture Method is specifically designed to bring awareness and attention to the formation of exhalation in the oral cavity.

What is Tongue Aperture? The narrow opening formed between the tip of the tongue, the alveolar palate and the front teeth is called the Tongue Aperture. In brass playing the tongue actively participates in a complicated variety of movements as a muscular organ. It has a great number of muscles that allow it to modify its shape and have exceptional mobility. This allows a performer to use a variety of technical devices to achieve a good articulation as well as aiding the formation and compression of the exhalation.

This book really is one of a kind, both in topic and approach. Throughout the course of these 69 pages Pushkarev covers the Tongue Muscles, Forming The Playing Position, Tongue Aperture And Articulation, Sound Production, Then Covers Warmups, Long Tones, Tongue Vibratio, And Articulation in both the first one and half octaves and then within two octaves.

The text is in both Russian and English, with lots of diagrams to help get a grasp on the concept of how using the tongue can help all areas of your playing.

Have a look at some samples to the left, then click above to grab an immediate PDF download, a print copy, or both.

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