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The Stratosphere of Cornet or Trumpet Playing By August H. Schaefer


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August Schaefer’s “The Stratosphere of Cornet or Trumpet Playing” was probably one of the first to emphasize a methodical approach to the high register. It is very “Claude Gordon-esque” as it leads the student to high G, has drills, glissandi, lip trills, and all the other markers of a progressive high note program.

The book begins with 10 pages of Q&A with the author on a variety of topics around trumpet playing and the upper register then moves on to building range through a series of interval, scale, arpeggio, gliss, lip-trill, and melodic exercises.

This book is a long time classic that has been out of circulation for far too long. I am very proud to have it in the collection again. Check out the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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