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Total Range
Total Range
Total Range
Total Range

Total Range By Charles S. Peters


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Charles Peters’ “Total Range” was one of the first courses built to dramatically extend the range of the modern trumpeter. His foreword puts is perfectly:

“How many times have you hit a “double high C” or a “double pedal low C”? Chances are that you not only have never experienced these notes, but that you have never even heard anyone else play them either. Yet, each day more and more Trumpet, Cornet and Baritone players are reaching the exciting goal of TOTAL RANGE.

Not too many years ago very few instrumentalists could be sure of even a high C. Today, however, the trend is to require Trumpet, Cornet and Baritone players to play higher and higher. Now, for the first time, this complete TOTAL RANGE Method Book encompasses the best ideas of the finest brass teachers in the world.”

If you are serious about increasing your range and removing all anxiety around extended high register playing, this 16 week course is the best possible solution available today. This is practical, sensible, and actionable advice that will not hurt your embouchure or take you too fast too quickly.

Check out a few samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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