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The Art of Songwriting By Adolph Sandole


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“A song is composed of melody, harmony, and rhythm. A melody is a single line of tones. Chords provide the har­monic base, and outline the form. The association of melody and harmony in tempo is called rhythm. These components are transformed into a work of art by the exercise of imagination, emotion, and selectivity.”

This this thesis, Adolph Sandole takes musicians through a full examination of the art of songwriting. How to use form, harmony, melody, and imagination to give technical brilliance to your deepest musical feelings. This book is applicable to players of all instruments and is invaluable to players who have a baseline of musical understanding and want to take their songwriting to the next level.

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The volumes of this series include:

1. Beginner’s Method for Jazz Improvisation (LINK)
2. Craft of Jazz I “Apprentice (LINK)
3. Craft of Jazz II “Journeyman” (LINK)
4. Craft of Jazz III Fourth Chords & Scales from Jazz Improvisation III (LINK)
5. Jazz Patterns (LINK)
6. Jazz Tunes (LINK)
7. Music Primer (LINK)
8. The Art of Songwriting (LINK)
9. Arranging & Harmony for Stage Band (LINK)

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