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Complete Sandole Collection By Adolph Sandole


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Sandole’s series of Jazz method books is one of the most important sets of jazz texts in the history of the genre. These are the books that taught legendary artists like John Coltrane how to improvise. All of the full methods are over 300 pages, making them the longest, most in-depth methods we have ever sold at qPress. All of the supplemental books are shorter and very specific, covering one specific area of improv in great detail.

This is the first time his entire catalogue has been available in one collection, and by purchasing this set you get an incredible 56% off.

Here is what is included:

  1. Beginner’s Method for Jazz Improvisation LINK
  2. Craft of Jazz 1: Apprentice LINK
  3. Craft of Jazz 2: Journeyman LINK
  4. Craft of Jazz 3: 4th Chords & Scales LINK
  5. The Art of Songwriting LINK
  6. Jazz Patterns LINK
  7. Jazz Tunes LINK
  8. Music Primer LINK
  9. Arranging & Harmony for Stage Band LINK

Click the links above for in-depth write-ups, click to the left for all of the cover pages in this collection, and click above to grab an immediate download at 56% off for a very limited time.

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