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Arranging & Harmony for Stage Band By Adolph Sandole


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When it comes to playing, arranging, and harmonizing, there is a lot to know for both the performer and the arranger to create a perfect experience for the listener. Adolph Sandole makes an astute observation in his foreword that we should always remember: “A little child marvels at the beauty of flowers and grass, yet knows that tonality is “off-key”without technical training.”

There is no other Harmony and Arranging book like this one. The teaching material is separated into two categories: Arranging and Hannony, and further organized into 60 consecutive lessons. Arranging and Harmony subjects consist of 45 lessons, with the last 15 lessons devoted to writing and rehearsing the students’ arrangements. Teachers may use the division of four 15-week terms, or readjust the material to suit their own schedule. A strong performance has a few vital components:

  1. The player must be able to hear tonality, organization, direction, etc. to perform the part with meaning. Music written in a contrived manner will be difficult to hear, and therefore difficult to play.
  2. The listener must be able to hear order, tonality, and all aesthetic implications without the requirement of technical training. This statement is based on the axiom that aesthetic qualities are innate, instinctive.

Simply put, this book takes you through 60 lessons, progressive in difficulty, to help you take your music theory, arranging, understanding of harmony, and performance to the next level.

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The volumes of this series include:

1. Beginner’s Method for Jazz Improvisation (LINK)
2. Craft of Jazz I “Apprentice (LINK)
3. Craft of Jazz II “Journeyman” (LINK)
4. Craft of Jazz III Fourth Chords & Scales from Jazz Improvisation III (LINK)
5. Jazz Patterns (LINK)
6. Jazz Tunes (LINK)
7. Music Primer (LINK)
8. The Art of Songwriting (LINK)
9. Arranging & Harmony for Stage Band (LINK)

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