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Music Primer By Adolph Sandole


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This book is for the beginner, one who knows nothing about music and who can’t play an instrument. The purpose of the book is to teach the materials of music, the building blocks of the art. After learning the music materials, the student is then prepared to learn how to use them. The lessons in this book are designed for writing and reciting. There is no playing required. The student needs a manuscript tablet and pencil. Some of the work might be done with a music pen to introduce the student to manuscript writing.

This beginning work can be supplemented by sight-singing (solfeggio) to acquaint the student with the sound of the written notes.

The lessons may be done privately, or with the help of a teacher. The amount of work may be adjusted to suit the student. It is very helpful for the student to be able to recite all of the written work. Recitation helps to crystallize the mental pictures. Welcome to the world of music!

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The volumes of this series include:

1. Beginner’s Method for Jazz Improvisation (LINK)
2. Craft of Jazz I “Apprentice (LINK)
3. Craft of Jazz II “Journeyman” (LINK)
4. Craft of Jazz III Fourth Chords & Scales from Jazz Improvisation III (LINK)
5. Jazz Patterns (LINK)
6. Jazz Tunes (LINK)
7. Music Primer (LINK)
8. The Art of Songwriting (LINK)
9. Arranging & Harmony for Stage Band (LINK)

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