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Sandole’s Jazz Patterns By Adolph Sandole


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Sandole writes in the forward that “This books offers a wide variety of material to increase the jazz improvising vocabulary. No one person is expected to absorb all the material, but to examine and choose that which suits the individual taste and ability.”

Sandole’s Jazz Improvisation series is one of the most important sets of jazz texts in the history of the genre. These are the books that taught legendary artists like John Coltrane how to improvise. This is an additional book in the series, and is meant to be used in parallel with each volume of the method, giving students the opportunity to put their improv skills to the test while they play patterns that mimic what they will see in common practice.

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The volumes of this series include:

1. Beginner’s Method for Jazz Improvisation (LINK)
2. Craft of Jazz I “Apprentice (LINK)
3. Craft of Jazz II “Journeyman” (LINK)
4. Craft of Jazz III Fourth Chords & Scales from Jazz Improvisation III (LINK)
5. Jazz Patterns (LINK)
6. Jazz Tunes (LINK)
7. Music Primer (LINK)
8. The Art of Songwriting (LINK)
9. Arranging & Harmony for Stage Band (LINK)

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