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Complete Veldkamp Collection for Trombone By Erik Veldkamp


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This 16 book collection from Erik Veldkamp is the first of its kind for Low Brass. When you look at the areas covered in the books below you will realize that someone could buy this collection, open a trombone studio, and be set for life! There are duet and chamber books for players from beginner through advanced. There are studies on all areas of playing, from articulation, to endurance, to flexibility and much more. There are advanced duets from all over the musical spectrum from jazz to legit and everywhere in between. Literally, if there is something your collection is lacking, you will find it here.

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Click below to see write-ups and samples, as needed. It has been updated with all of the latest releases, too.

  1. Veldkamp, Trombone Skills (20 Challenging Studies For Trombone)
  2. Veldkamp, 15 Duets in Pop, Swing, & Latin (Trombone)
  3. Veldkamp, 6 Waltzing Duets for Trombone
  4. Veldkamp, 16 Melodic Studies for the Advanced Trombone Player
  5. Veldkamp-Bach, JS Bach Collection for Trombone
  6. Veldkamp, 20 Mixed Duets Vol.1 (Bass Clef)
  7. Veldkamp, 22 Mixed Duets Vol.2 (Bass Clef)
  8. Veldkamp, 18 Mixed Duets Vol.3 (Bass Clef)
  9. Mozart-Veldkamp, 17 Duets The Magic Flute Bass Clef
  10. Veldkamp, 15 Advanced Staccato Studies for Trombone
  11. Veldkamp-Bach, 20 Duets from Bach’s Notebook for Anna Magdalena
  12. Veldkamp-Sitt, 80 Etudes
  13. Veldkamp, 8 Tone Studies in Bass Clef
  14. Veldkamp, 20 Short Staccato Studies in Bass Clef
  15. Veldkamp, 15 Advanced Staccato Studies in Bass Clef
  16. Veldkamp, 10 Short Staccato Studies in Bass Clef

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