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15 Advanced Staccato Studies in Bass Clef By Erik Veldkamp


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These 15 Advanced Staccato Studies are part of the Veldkamp Articulation Series for low brass instruments. These are longer, more involved, and encompass a greater range and technical challenges than the “Short Staccato Studies” and you will love the satisfaction from getting these right.

To be in shape for the challenges of professional playing, you need to be working on material that challenges your range, endurance, and your core skills; This includes your articulation. Erik Veldkamp’s series on staccato playing is a great place to find material to keep you active and agile in all registers of the trumpet. The author writes:

“My practice routine as a brass player contains a lot of staccato exercises because you’re doing a lot of things at the same time, like endurance, flexibilities, sight reading, fingering & single tonguing. My belief is that with these exercises you can progress to a high level quicker, and be in good condition for everything you have to play in the music scene. That’s why I also wrote for a larger range than you would normally find in other books. My advice is to play them at a mezzo forto (or softer). When you play softly, you get more control in the embouchure.”

Also available in treble clef right here, and for Tuba right here.

Please try out some free samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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