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Bach Cello Suites for Trombone By J.S. Bach


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Andre Lafosse, a distinguished French trombonist, has masterfully transcribed J.S. Bach’s renowned Cello Suites for the trombone, preserving the essence of Bach’s genius in this adaptation. Bach, a musical genius of his time, composed these suites between 1717-1723 while serving as Kapellmeister in Kothen. His compositions, considered some of the most exceptional and enduring in the history of classical music, showcase his unparalleled ability to craft intricate and emotive melodies.

Nearly every movement of every Bach Suite is contained in this book. Lafosse hand-picked the movements that are best suited to performance on trombone.

Lafosse’s trombone adaptations of these timeless suites go beyond mere translation, incorporating detailed phrase marks, dynamic nuances, precise articulation, breath marks, and invaluable performance directions. Through Lafosse’s meticulous work, Bach’s extraordinary music transcends its original form, becoming accessible and captivating for trombone enthusiasts. Lafosse’s dedication ensures that the remarkable beauty of Bach’s compositions continues to inspire and resonate with audiences, showcasing the enduring brilliance of the maestro’s musical creations.

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