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Trombone Skills (20 Challenging Studies For Trombone) By Erik Veldkamp


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“Trombone Skills” by Erik Veldkamp is a set of 20 challenging studies for trombone, all at an advanced level, and all in drastically different styles. If you are serious about your abilities, are looking to really show off, and are dying for your next challenge, this book should be your next purchase.

It is VERY easy to write a book of hard studies that have NO musical value whatsoever. This is why Erik’s books are so compelling. To write at an advanced level while simultaneously creating a beautiful soundscape that will make you want to perform these in concert halls is an incredible achievement. To play these you need range, endurance, a great ear, key fluency, dexterity, flexibility, and overall command of both the instrument and musical vocabulary.

Below you can hear Erik perform the samples (on the trumpet, but don’t judge!). To the left, you can try them yourself, then above you can grab an immediate digital download.

Study 1

Study 3

Study 4

Study 6

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