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Complete Sight-Reading Collection By Various Authors


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If you can sit down and read anything that is put in front of you, you will have a long and successful career in professional music, that is a fact. More and more people have trouble playing in different styles, playing in certain keys, and executing complex rhythms. With this bundle, we hope to put these issues to rest.

The Complete Sight-Reading Collection includes every sight reading book we have ever published at qPress. You get the entire lot of 16 books for 55% off the retail price, helping you get a wealth of knowledge for pennies on the dollar. This lot is off the store after this week, so act fast and get the deal of a lifetime.

The full list is below. Click on the links to read more, and click above to get 16 immediate digital downloads.

  1. 25 Sight Reading Manuscripts by Porret
  2. 24 Sight Reading Manuscripts by Porret
  3. 25 Reading Exercises by Bodet
  4. Mid Range Trumpet Etudes for Sight Reading by Colin
  5. Jazz Beats (How to Develop Sight Reading) by Metis
  6. Sight Reading Etudes (Treble Clef) by Laverty
  7. Develop Sight Reading (Treble Clef) by Dufrense
  8. Reading Rhythms by Schaeffer
  9. Mazas Interesting Duets and Manuscript Reading Studies by Mazas
  10. Rhythm & Counting by Collins
  11. Dictionary of Chords & Scales in 20 Progressive Lessons by Vanasek
  12. Instructive Studies on Rhythm and Tonguing by Johanson
  13. Easy Steps to Rhythm by Yaus
  14. Rhythm in Technique by Mancini
  15. Daily Exercises & Scales by Parès
  16. Develop Accuracy Through Sight Reading by Perrini

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