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25 Sight Reading Manuscripts By Julien Porret


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Julien Porret’s “25 Sight Reading Manuscripts” is the sister publication to his earlier book “24 Sight Reading Manuscripts” which can be found right here. In his opening foreword Porret writes:

“Contrary to practice found in usual methods from which reading is obtained by appropriated technical means, they do not detail how to decipher them.  Try to read them from beginning to end, even if you have to improvise and replace some of the original notes with others in the same rhythm, the worse in such sight-reading being to stop half-way. It is profitable for both students and artists to practise reading all those difficulties; sight reading being above all a question of training.”

There is no better way to practice your sigh treading than with these studies. You can try a few for free by clicking to the left, then you can grab an immediate PDF download above.

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