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Dictionary of Chords & Scales in 20 Progressive Lessons By Benedict Vanasek


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This is more than just a scale book. First off, it is two books in one, a combination of Vansek’s Dictionary of Scales, and his 366 New Scales. These 50 pages of explanation and progressive lessons are written to give a new palette of harmony for players, composers, and improvisers to paint their music with. Tonalities from all over the world, chords and scales to inspire new sounds in your music making, and ideas to make familiar in your playing. There are many pages of write-ups and explanations at the top of the book, and I have quoted a bit about the genesis of this book below. Give it a read, check out the samples to the left, then click above to grab an immediate PDF download, a print copy, or both.

“In spite of our present musical development, it is not an overstatement to maintain that music is still in its infancy, because practically every type of music written today lies within two distinct boundaries: the major and the minor mode; the former exemplifying happiness, and the latter as a symbol of melancholy.

But between lofty peaks of happiness on the one hand and the nethermost regions of melancholy on the other, there are phases of human moods that are yet to be discovered, and it is in this particular territory of human emotion from which the future composer will draw unlimited inspiration.

Here we have devised the present synopsis of NEW SCALES, and, it is our conviction that from this material the music of the future should evolve. By a careful study of their important significance, inexhaustible possibilities are revealed to the ambitious musician, the embryo composer, the song writer, arranger and accompanist.” Benedict Vanasek.

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