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Rhythm & Counting By Myron Collins


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Myron Collins knew that the greatest problem the young music student faces is doing many things at once. He must remember fingerings, produce the proper tone quality, be alert to pitch, strive for the right volume, be aware of what other members of the group are doing, and play his notes at exactly the right time. The axiom of good teaching is to present only one fact of problem at a time. This is a difficult goal for the music teacher because playing an instrument involves so many simultaneous judgements and activities. To single out one problem for consideration, as this book does with rhythm is sound pedagogy.

Mr. Collins has rendered a service to music teachers by giving us this work book which detaches the problems of time and rhythm for study by themselves. When the student has solved his problem of time, his attention can be turned more fully to the other elements of musical performance.

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1 review for Rhythm & Counting

  1. Kevin DeBord

    This is, I would say, the authoritative book for teaching any music students the process for understanding the rhythms of music, including simple techniques for counting out the various rhythm patterns.

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