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Complete Shuebruk Collection By R. Shuebruk


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Richard Shuebruk is one of those rare authors whose books became instant classics after putting pen to paper. His books are used throughout all upper level institutions and by many, many studio teachers. A handful of his books, though, went out of print, and qPress worked to bring every one of them back into circulation. Below, you are able to get every one of his books for a fraction of retail price. The nine book collection below represents a 50+% discount from retail. If you are unsure about any of the specific books, just click their titles below to read the full write-up. When you are ready, just click above to purchase and grab your immediate digital downloads.

  1. Shuebruk, The Trumpeter’s Daily Stunt
  2. Shuebruk, The Cornet Player’s Guide or When, What, and How to Practice
  3. Shuebruk, The Cornet Player’s First Book
  4. Shuebruk, Lip Trainers for Trumpet
  5. Shuebruk, Daily Technical Exercises
  6. Shuebruk, 36 Favorite Home Duets
  7. Shuebruk, Tongue Trainers for Trumpet
  8. Shuebruk, 20 Duets Trumpet and Trombone
  9. Shuebruk, 20 Duets for Cornets

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