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The Cornet Player’s Guide or “When, What, and How to Practice Upon the Cornet or Trumpet” By R. Shuebruk


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This book has been many years in the making. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to save this instruction manual on trumpet practice, as written by one of our instrument’s most notable authors, from extinction. There is only one copy of this book in a public collection in the entire world. What follows is a fresh transcription of that edition, recreated from 144 photographs of the original, painstakingly recreated exactly as the author intended. It includes beautiful new engravings of all of the musical examples all formatted to modern book sizing conventions for easy use in print or on tablets.

Shuebruk’s instruction manual for trumpet practice is extremely well thought out. It consists of 3 long chapters covering “When,” “What,” and “How” to practice your instrument to improve consistently and to play effectively. There are so many wonderful quotes from this book that it is hard to choose just a couple, but it does beg for a little taste:

“Prosperity in practice, as in finance, consists in judiciously investing the surplus. The little time at our disposal each day would be better used increasing one’s fund of achievements, in overcoming actual difficulties, than by running through long etudes consisting mostly of material we learned to play long ago.”

“It is not enough to think of doing the thing, it is not sufficient to wish to strike the high note at the end of a phrase, the will alone cannot play the instrument, the human part of the machine must do its mechanical duty or the result will be unsatisfactory.”

In the end, Shuebruk lays out a practice routine with complete examples and strategies, all of which point towards his ultimate goal to “give the embouchure the proper work at the proper time.”

To be a trumpeter is to know Richard Shuebruk. To have this book go out of print for a century is a travesty, but having it back for future generations is a highlight of my career. Check out a few samples to the left to get an idea, then grab an immediate PDF download, print copy, or both by clicking above.

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