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Tongue Trainers for Trumpet By R. Shuebruk


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Shuebruk wrote three books on tongue training, published in the early 1920’s under the series entitled “Books for Bandsmen”. The series is deceptively simple; The player moves from isolated single attacks, to fast single tongue, to double tonguing, then to triple tonguing. Each set is methodically laid out, and simple to execute, and the isolation of the attacks gives time for the player to build awareness of the state of their execution. This book is one of the most important books on attack and execution ever written for the trumpet and is on the college/university/conservatory to purchase list at institutions around the world to this day.

This edition includes all three grades of tongue trainers in one volume, each separated by its own cover and preface by the author. These are some of the most important studies in the serious trumpet player’s library and I am proud to host them on qPress.

Check out the first page from each grade on the left, and click above for an immediate PDF download, a print copy, or both.

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