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Daily Technical Exercises By R. Shuebruk


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Richard Shuebruk’s “Daily Technical Exercises for Advanced Players” is a rare and long out-of-print Sheubruk tome that was once a vital part of his Books for Bandsman series. For some reason, possibly due to the popularity of his lip and tongue trainers, publishers have stopped printing his lesser-known works. But at qPress, we shine a light on every long-lost gem. Here is what Shuebruk had to say about this book:

Daily Technical Exercises is for advanced players and first chairs containing:

  1. Fine exercises, specially designed to develop the embouchure and tone quality;
  2. An analytical section for scales and intricate fingerings;
  3. Expert exercises for tongue technique, both staccato and legato;
  4. A section on slurring to secure the correct adjustment of mouthpiece and embouchure;
  5. More than a dozen grand etudes on the different sections of technical work.

This is such a fantastic book, I am thrilled to share it with you. Try out some samples to the left, then grab a PDF download, physical copy, or both by clicking above.

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