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Improvisation Big Book Bundle By Erik Veldkamp


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As a Professor of Trumpet Technique at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and member of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Erik Veldkamp has learned firsthand what works for players at all levels to establish their own style of improvisation. This series of books on jazz technique and improvisation is the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of work and experience in the field and is such a simple step-by-step course of instruction that you will be creating improvisations that you never thought possible by the end.

Complete with 235 audio files of demos and backing tracks and nearly 500 pages of studies and solos, there is simply nothing else on the market like it.

The Improvisation Big Book is in three parts and is based on melodic improvisation. Using 16 different jazz standards as your guide, you will learn systematically how to use theme development, articulations, modes, broken chords, approach notes, and enclosures, to take your improv to the next level.

Playbook for Improvisation takes the next logical step by giving you 20 full tunes, complete with melodies, chord changes, performance demos, and backing tracks, so you can play with a rhythm section and have lots of room to both play what is on the page AND take your own solos.

Patterns for Improvisation contains exercises that move from the most basic to more advanced to help players learn the basic chords, scales, and patterns they will need to gain their fingers as an improviser. This book is also a reference book if you want to refresh a topic, so expect it to be one that stays on your stand for years to come. It contains 68 play-along tracks, because the only way to really get into the pocket of swing feeling, you need to have the rhythm section behind you. The book is thoughtful and structured, taking you through 5 chapters that you should touch on in each practice session.

Below I have made a full list of the books and downloads included in this discounted bundle. Below that you will find audio examples from each book, and you can see the book covers for each included book in the samples to the left. When you are ready, grab an immedaite digital download above.


Books & Audio Included

  1. Veldkamp, Improvisation Big Book
  2. Veldkamp, Improvisation Big Book (Backing Tracks and Samples)
  3. Veldkamp, Improvisation Big Book (Demos)
  4. Veldkamp, Playbook for Improvisation
  5. Veldkamp, Playbook for Improvisation (Backing Tracks)
  6. Veldkamp, Playbook for Improvisation (Demos)
  7. Veldkamp, Patterns for Improvisation
  8. Veldkamp, Patterns for Improvisation (MP3s)


Playbook for Improv: “Blue Bossa”

Playbook for Improv: “Caravan”

Improv Big Book: “Autumn Leaves”

Patterns for Improv: “Chord Pattern 2-1”

Patterns for Improv: “Practice Session 1-1”


Erik Veldkamp’s Big Book Series

The Improvisation Big Books

  1. The Improvisation Big Book
  2. Patterns for Improvisation
  3. Playbook for Improvisation
  4. 50% OFF The Complete Big Books

The Flexibility Big Books

  1. Flexibility Big Book
  2. Flexibility Big Book 2
  3. Flexibility Big Book 3 (Christmas Edition)
  4. 50% OFF Complete Flexibility Big Books

The Jazz Articulation Big Books

  1. The Jazz Articulation Big Book 1
  2. The Jazz Articulation Big Book 2
  3. Staccato Standards Book 1
  4. Staccato Standards Book 2
  5. 50% OFF Complete Jazz Articulation Series

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