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Patterns for Improvisation By Erik Veldkamp


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This book accompanies Erik’s incredible new title The Improvisation Big Book. It contains exercises that move from the most basic to more advanced, to help players learn the basic chords, scales, and patterns they will need to gain their fingers as an improviser. This book is also a reference book if you want to refresh a topic, so expect it to be one that stays on your stand for years to come.

This book contains 68 play-along tracks, because the only way to really get into the pocket of swing feeling, you need to have the rhythm section behind you. The book is thoughtful and structured, taking you through 5 chapters that you should touch on in each practice session.

Part 1: Chord Studies. From major to minor, through diminished, augmented, polychords, compound arpeggios, and more.

Part 2: Blues Studies. Major and Minor Blues scales and exercises in many iterations.

Part 3: Chord Patterns. From the Major 6, to V7, ii7 – V7 – I, iii7 – VI7 – ii7 – V7 – I, iii7b5 – VI7 – ii7 – V7 – Ima, and more.

Part 4: The Turnaround. Every possible iteration you can expect to find in a jazz standard. From I6 – VI7 – ii7 – V7 – I, all the way to iii7(b5) – VI7(b9) – ii7 – V7 – I.

Part 5: Practice Sessions. These are in a variety of chord progressions and include turnarounds, the blues, minor blues, rhythm changes, circle of fifths, Giant Steps, Bar 1-16 of Sweet Georgia Brown in all keys, Take The A-Train (first 8 bars), and many more. All with play-along files.

The first four-chord patterns and practice sessions have backing track audio, and I can honestly say there is no better way to work on your jazz patterns than with the band swinging behind you.

I have attached a few audio files below that go with the samples, so give them a try. Then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Chord Pattern 2-1

Practice Session 1-1


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