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The Veldkamp Jazz Articulation Series
The Veldkamp Jazz Articulation Series
The Veldkamp Jazz Articulation Series
The Jazz Articulation Big Book 2
Staccato Standards Book 1 (Trumpet)
Staccato Standards Book 2 (Trumpet)

The Veldkamp Jazz Articulation Series By Erik Veldkamp


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The intricacies of jazz articulation can’t be overstated. Articulation is the key to iconic style, whether you want to doodle-tongue like Clarke Terry or be able to project big fat blocks of sound to the back of the hall like Wayne Bergeron. Erik Veldkamp’s two “Jazz Articulation Big Books” are the largest, most exhaustive, and most detailed survey of how to articulate on jazz trumpet, using the works of the best players in history. They are our best-selling jazz books ever, and now they are available as a set for the very first time.

The Staccato Standards give you a great foundation in articulation fundamentals and control, and then the Articulation Big Books are veritable lexicons of history and style. The Articulation Big Books also include mp3 files to pair with the transcriptions, allowing you to easily emulate all-time greats like Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, and Dizzy Gillespie.

This bundle is a cool 50% off the retail price, so don’t miss your chance to pick up these amazing books for a great deal.

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