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Flexibility Big Book 2 By Erik Veldkamp


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When it comes to jazz articulation, improvisation, and now, FLEXIBILITY, there has never been a better series of books written for the trumpet than Erik Veldkamps Big Book Series. They solve an extremely important problem that, for some reason, has never been tackled before: how do you inspire people to practice the core foundational areas of trumpet playing while stimulating their musicality and developing their ears at the same time?

Erik’s second book in the flexibility series is even BIGGER with even more recognizable songs than the first instalment. The book begins with 15 flexibility warm-ups to get you started, leading to 16 FLEXercises that start to stretch your legs into all registers and keys. Once you are ready to dig in, the book moves to 60 full-length flexibility studies, many based on jazz standards and classic chord changes, using a level of creativity you only find in Erik’s signature style.

You will find flexibility studies that are based on popular tunes like “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Trumpeter’s Lullaby,” “Pachelbel’s Canon,” “Tiny Capers,” “Moonlight Serenade,” “Hawaii Five-o,” “Stardust,” “Cheers Theme Song” and many more. The familiarity of the underlying harmony will subconsciously facilitate proper phrasing and airflow. it is truly brilliant.

Below you can listen to Erik perform the sample pages that you can find to the left. Give them a listen, then grab an immediate PDF download above. You can find all the books in this series below the audio at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Erik Plays Flexstudy based on “Moonlight Serenade”

Erik Play Flexstudy based on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”


Erik Veldkamp’s Big Book Series

The Flexibility Big Books

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  3. Flexibility Big Book 3 (Christmas Edition)
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The Improvisation Big Books

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  2. Patterns for Improvisation
  3. Playbook for Improvisation
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The Jazz Articulation Big Books

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  2. The Jazz Articulation Big Book 2
  3. Staccato Standards Book 1
  4. Staccato Standards Book 2
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