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Double High C in 10 Minutes By Walt Johnson


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I am very proud to announce that Walt Johnson’s “Double High C in 10 Minutes” is going back into circulation, only at qPress!

This book is not a get rich quick scheme, and it is not an immediate fix for your range problems. What it does demonstrate is that the basic understanding of how to improve your upper register can be taught in no time, and a program can be laid out for you to progressively improve in a snap. This book is like a lesson with Walt Johnson, (lead trumpeter with Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Barry Manilow, and Barbara Streisand) who demonstrates special technique for easier upper range playing, with exercises for building endurance and accuracy.

This book includes a full writeup on Walt’s unique technique for upper register playing, daily exercises, accuracy studies, a special high register characteristic study, and two of Walt’s own solos to give you something to work toward. Walt is also generously including two audio tracks along with the purchase of this book, Ballad, and Up Tune, with Walt himself performing with his band. This is a great way to model your sound after his incredible lead playing.

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1 review for Double High C in 10 Minutes

  1. BEflat

    I have not purchased the PDF of this book, but have a copy of it that I bought roughly 7 years ago. This method ended up working perfectly for me. Although I do not have a double high C. It increased my range by 6-7 notes, and my endurance has shot through the roof! All in the matter of a few years. The other thing that this book helped me learn was how to use several different embouchures. Which works great if I happen to get tired during a gig.

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