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Building Power in the Upper Register on Trumpet By Bill Knevitt


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Bill Knevitt is known as THE guru for upper register trumpet pedagogy. His approach has been lauded by the finest players in the world, and in this book, he explains the steps you can take to not only increase your range, but increase your POWER in the trumpet’s upper register. Here is what he says:

“Ever since the publication of my best-selling book, The Truth About How To Play Double High C On Trumpet, I have searched for the very foundation of upper register trumpet playing. I found two!! Based upon only 13 “magical” notes, the routines in this book will not only increase your range, but more than that, they will open up your sound. No longer will you be a “squeaker” in the upper register; you will become a player in the upper register!”

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Check out the first lesson in the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above. You won’t regret it!

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