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Trumpet Voluntarily: A Holistic Guide To Maximizing Practice Through Efficiency By Paul Baron


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Paul Baron’s “Trumpet Voluntarily” was written to accompany the many routine and etude books to teach what, when, and how to use those materials. Including a foreword by Wayne Bergeron, this guide you will teach you how to listen to your body and chops to practice more efficiently to get the quickest results. Using a “practice smarter, not longer” approach, Paul takes you through his thought process on what to practice and when based on the demands of your current work load. Areas of focus include chop building and maintenance, mouthpiece choices, playing lead trumpet, the role of the section player, how to maximize your practice of difficult technical passages, compression, pacing, styles, target note exercises, tongue arch, mute use, and warm ups of all types.

Wayne Bergeron writes in his foreword: “The book you now hold in your hands, “Trumpet Voluntarily,” is one of the most well-thought-out books on all things trumpet I have come across. Paul’s common sense approach to combating typical problems, as well as learning how to survive in different musical situations, will benefit players of all levels. “Trumpet Voluntarily” covers the gamut of things we all need to learn or be reminded. Paul’s discussion on style, lead playing, section playing, pacing, and maintenance are spot on. I believe this book will be helpful to young players trying to find their way, as well as seasoned professionals.” Wayne Bergeron. 

Click to the left to see some samples, then click above for an immediate digital download. This book is a real game changer.

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