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Don’t Nobody Miss! By Bill Knevitt


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There’s plenty of room at the bottom. That’s because there really aren’t that many bad players. And there’s plenty of room at the top. There’s not that many great players either. It’s in the mid- dle where it gets so crowded. I’m sure you have noticed that there are thousands of average trumpet players.

How does one raise him or herself above the crowd? High notes alone will not do it. Of what value are high notes if half of them are missed? Technique alone will not do it. Once again, if one misses many notes, of what value is technique? Accuracy is the key! Become the most accurate player in your area, and you will be the most hired player too.

This book includes 113 pages full of excises and etudes to improve your accuracy and refine your trumpet playing. Click through on the left to see some samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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