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The Complete Paul Baron By Paul Baron


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Paul Baron is one of our best-selling and most beloved authors, period. His books offer a holistic approach to the trumpet that maximizes your efficiency and they offer you a blueprint that will lead you to the largest trumpet stages in the world, so you can follow in his giant footsteps. For the first time ever, we are bundling up all of his writing into one series that takes you from the practice room to the pit on Broadway. Wayne Bergeron said it best, so I am going to drop his endorsement below, there is no better way to sum up the value of this series.

“Paul Baron has written the most well-thought-out books on all things trumpet I have come across. Paul’s common sense approach to combating typical problems, as well as learning how to survive in different musical situations, will benefit players of all levels. They cover the gamut of things we all need to learn or be reminded. Paul’s discussion on style, lead playing, section playing, pacing, and maintenance are spot on. I believe these books will be helpful to young players trying to find their way, as well as seasoned professionals.” Wayne Bergeron. 

After launch this bundle will be going up to $99 so act fast if you want to secure the deal of the year.

Books Included

  1. Baron, The Broadway Trumpeter Vol.1
  2. Baron, The Broadway Trumpeter Vol.2
  3. Baron, Paul Baron’s Adventures In Trumpet Playing
  4. Baron, Trumpet Voluntarily: A Holistic Guide To Maximizing Baron, Practice Through Efficiency
  5. Baron, Trumpet Voluntarily: Strategically Designed Warmups

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