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Ewald Brass Quintet No.4 By Victor Ewald


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Victor Ewald’s Brass Quintet no. 4 in A flat major Op. 8, is part of a 4 quintet series by Ewald that is one of the most well known of the entire quintet literature.

The apparent confusion between the numbering and approximate date of composition of the quintets arises from a long-held misconception. For some time it was considered that Quintet No.4 Op. 8 was merely a transcription by the composer of a string quartet written in the late 1880s and not an original composition for brass. However, Op. 8 was indeed initially written for brass but was considered to be unplayable at the time due to the demands of both technique and stamina made on the performers. Ewald duly reworked the piece for string quartet and it was in this form that it was published as his Op. 1.

This beautiful engraving by Gerassimos Ioannidis brings this classic brass quintet to life in a clear and easy to read digital edition. It is perfect to read of a tablet but is also spaced with blank pages for a double-sided printing that will give you a score and parts with perfect page turns. This edition also includes alternate parts for the low brass in the 3rd movement to help with some crazy key signatures.

Check out a page from each part to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Parts Included

  • Score
  • 1st Trumpet in Bb
  • 1st Trumpet in C (alt)
  • 1st Trumpet in Eb (alt)
  • 2nd Trumpet in Bb
  • Horn in F
  • Horn in F (Alt 3rd mov’t)
  • Trombone
  • Trombone (Alt 3rd mov’t)
  • Tuba
  • Tuba (Alt 3rd mov’t)

Ewald Brass Quintet No.4 Mvt 1

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