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“American Trails” (6 Pieces for Brass Quintet) By Daniel N. Thrower


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Introducing “American Trails” – A Brass Quintet Collection by Dr. Daniel N. Thrower

Embark on a musical journey through the diverse trails and greenways of the United States of America with “American Trails,” a captivating collection of six brass quintets composed by the renowned Dr. Daniel N. Thrower. Celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of America’s landscapes, each quintet transports you through a melodic exploration of the nation’s cultural and natural tapestry.

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower: The Haydn of the Brass Quintet

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower has earned the well-deserved moniker “The Haydn of the Brass Quintet” for his exceptional contributions to the genre. As one of the preeminent brass quintet composers of the 21st century, Thrower has dedicated his artistry to crafting original compositions that resonate with musicians and audiences alike. His commitment to the brass quintet medium shines through in “American Trails,” showcasing his remarkable ability to blend innovation with tradition.

A Musical Ode to American Landscapes

“American Trails” is a collection that pays homage to the diverse trails and greenways that crisscross the United States. Each composition serves as a musical representation of a specific trail, offering a unique sonic experience that mirrors the character and spirit of its geographical inspiration. From the majestic mountains to the tranquil plains, Thrower captures the essence of America’s natural beauty in every note.

Unveiling the Collection: What to Expect

The “American Trails” collection features six distinct brass quintets, each carefully crafted to highlight the strengths of the ensemble. The instrumentation includes parts for trumpets 1 and 2, horn, trombone, tuba, and percussion, providing a dynamic and rich palette for performers. The percussion elements add an extra layer of excitement, enhancing the overall sonic landscape of the compositions.

Meet the Quintets

  1. Lewis and Clark Trail, Op. 84
  2. Pioneer Trail, Op. 103
  3. Rushmore Trail, Op. 79
  4. Trail of Tears, Op. 144
  5. Pony Express Trail, Op. 108
  6. BONUS: Appalachian Trail (Simple Gifts)
  7. Bring “American Trails” to Life

Whether you’re a performer looking for fresh and engaging repertoire or a music lover eager to explore the richness of American landscapes through sound, “American Trails” by Dr. Daniel N. Thrower is a must-have in your collection. Order your copy today and experience the artistry of one of the 21st century’s preeminent brass quintet composers. Let the trails unfold before your ears, and let the music transport you to the heart of America’s diverse and beautiful landscapes.

Click to the left for a sample page from the start of each score, then click above to get the full score and parts of this 209-page brass quintet collection.

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