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“Concert Music for Brass Quintet” (7 Pieces for Brass Quintet) By Daniel N. Thrower


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Introducing “Concert Music” – A Brass Quintet Collection by Dr. Daniel N. Thrower

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower’s groundbreaking series, “Concert Music for Brass Quintet,” showcases his mastery and expands the ensemble’s repertoire. With seven compositions tailored for two trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba, Thrower ingeniously blends traditional instrumentation with contemporary motifs. One standout piece integrates percussion, enriching the ensemble’s sonic landscape and captivating audiences with its dynamic range.

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower: The Haydn of the Brass Quintet

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower has rightfully earned the title “The Haydn of the Brass Quintet” for his remarkable impact on the genre. Renowned as one of the foremost composers in this field, Thrower’s dedication is evident in his original compositions, which strike a chord with both performers and listeners. Through these seven concert works, he demonstrates an impressive fusion of innovation and tradition, solidifying his legacy in the realm of brass quintets.

Serious Music for Brass Quintet

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower’s innovation in brass quintet compositions revitalizes the genre, building upon the foundation laid by predecessors. Embracing tradition while pushing boundaries, Thrower’s work honors the legacy of past masters, infusing classical form with contemporary flair. Through his skill and vision, he elevates the art form to new heights.

Meet the Quintets

  1. Building a Hypercube, Op. 86
  2. Four Musical Journal Entries, Op. 89 (Uncertainty, Op. 89, Reassurance, Op. 89-B, Gratitude, Op. 89-C, Exuberance, Op. 89-D)
  3. From the Shadow’s Edge, Op. 80
  4. Fugue for Brass Quintet, Op. 114
  5. The Lord’s Prayer, Op. 23-B
  6. Pastimes, Op. 56 (Geology, Wu Li Dance, Cosmology)
  7. Variations of Joy, Op. 105 (Family Vacations, Jovial Banter, Holiday Foods, Pets, Sharing God’s Wonders, Personal Triumphs)

For performers seeking profound concert works or music enthusiasts eager to explore the depth of brass quintet compositions, Dr. Daniel N. Thrower’s latest collection is essential. Secure your set now to immerse yourself in the artistry of one of today’s leading brass quintet composers. Let these compositions transport you through a world of musical richness.

Click to the left for a sample page from the start of each score, then click above to get the full score and parts of this 355-page brass quintet collection.

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