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“Music for Kids Concerts” (14 Pieces for Brass Quintet) By Daniel N. Thrower


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Introducing “Quintet Music for Kids Concerts” – A Collection by Dr. Daniel N. Thrower

Embark on a delightful musical adventure tailored for youthful audiences with “Quintet Music for Kids Concerts.” This captivating collection features 14 professional-level brass quintets composed by the esteemed Dr. Daniel N. Thrower. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to engage and inspire young listeners, making it perfect for educational programs and family-friendly concerts.

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower: Champion of Youthful Brass Quintets

Renowned for his expertise in composing for young audiences, Dr. Daniel N. Thrower is celebrated as a leading figure in the realm of brass quintet concert music. With a keen understanding of the developmental needs of young listeners, Thrower’s compositions strike a harmonious balance between educational value and artistic excellence. His dedication to crafting engaging and accessible music for children shines through in every piece of this collection.

Elevating Youthful Performances: What to Expect

“Quintet Music for Kids Concerts” presents a diverse array of musical styles and themes, ensuring that young audiences are captivated from start to finish. From whimsical melodies to catchy rhythms, each brass quintet is designed to spark imagination and foster a love for music in children. With its playful yet sophisticated arrangements, this collection promises to elevate youthful performances to new heights of creativity and enjoyment.

Experience the Magic: Order Now

For educators, music directors, and performers seeking high-quality repertoire for children’s concerts, “Quintet Music for Kids Concerts” is an invaluable resource. Secure your copy today to unlock the boundless potential of Dr. Daniel N. Thrower’s imaginative compositions. Let the joyous melodies of this collection transport you and your young audience on a magical musical journey.

Meet the Quintets

  1. Barb the Band Bat, Op. 92
  2. Blackhawk, Op. 134-C
  3. Cinnamon Rolls, Op. 107
  4. Dance Scene, Op. 121
  5. Hooked on Frenetics, Op. 83-C
  6. Jell-O Cubes, Op. 130
  7. Lamb of God, Op. 134-D
  8. Lembranças do Brasil, Op. 81-B
  9. Playground, Op. 110
  10. Summer Solstice, Op. 134-E
  11. T-Rex Toy, Op. 129
  12. Triumph, Children’s March, Op. 134-A
  13. Tubular Holiday, Op. 127
  14. Waltzing Puma, Op. 134-B

Click to the left to explore a sample page from each score, then follow the link above to acquire the complete score and parts of this 279-page brass quintet collection.

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