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“Fanfares & Ceremonies” (20 Pieces for Brass Quintet) By Daniel N. Thrower


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Introducing “Fanfares & Ceremonies” – A Grand Collection of 20 Brass Quintets by Dr. Daniel N. Thrower

Prepare to be immersed in the majestic sounds of American pride and tradition with “Fanfares & Ceremonies,” an extraordinary collection of 20 brass quintets composed by the illustrious Dr. Daniel N. Thrower. Revered as the Haydn of the Brass Quintet, Dr. Thrower has earned his place as one of the preeminent brass quintet composers of the 21st century, continually enriching the brass quintet repertoire with his original and captivating compositions.

Dr. Daniel N. Thrower: A Maestro of the Brass Quintet

With a prolific body of work, Dr. Daniel N. Thrower has garnered acclaim for his dedication to the brass quintet medium. His ability to infuse innovation and reverence for tradition into his compositions is unparalleled. “Fanfares & Ceremonies” stands as a testament to Dr. Thrower’s mastery, showcasing his unique talent for crafting musical narratives that resonate with performers and audiences alike.

A Diverse Palette of American Inspirations

This collection takes you on a musical journey through the heart of Americana, featuring a selection of fanfares, marches, and openers that pay homage to various aspects of American culture. Each piece captures the essence of a particular theme, creating a rich tapestry of sound that reflects the spirit of the nation.

The Magnificent Pieces:

Academic Fanfare, Op. 49
Christmas Fanfare: Concert Opener, Op. 90
Fightin’ 55th: Concert March, Op. 88
Initium: Concert Opener, Op. 70
Monolith Fanfare, Op. 67
Procession and Fanfare, Op. 104

From The Collection Titled “Americana Fanfares, Vol. 1, Op. 111”:

Independence Fanfare, Op. 111-F
Minute Man Fanfare, Op. 111-G
“We the People” Fanfare, Op. 111-D
Liberty Bell Fanfare, Op. 111-E
Valley Forge Fanfare, Op. 111-B
Statue of Liberty Fanfare, Op. 111-C
San Jacinto Flourishes, Op. 111-A

From The Collection Titled “Americana Fanfares, Vol. 2, Op. 137”:

Fort Pierre Fanfare, Op. 137-D
Enduring Freedom Fanfare, Op. 137-C
Noble Eagle Fanfare, Op. 137-E
Pilgrims’ Fanfare, Op. 137-G
Flightline Fanfare, Op. 137-F
American Interlude, Op. 137-B
Troop 184, Op. 137-A

To the left, you will find the first page of a variety of the pieces included in the set, but at nearly 200 pages there are just too many to sample! When you realize how great of a deal this is, you can click above to grab an immediate digital download of the score and parts for Trumpets 1 & 2, Horn, Trombone, Tuba, and Percussion.

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