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Brass Sextet in Eb Minor Op.30 By Oskar Bohme


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Oskar Böhme’s Trumpet Sextet or Brass Sextet op.30, probably written around 1906, undoubtedly ranks among the finest brass music produced by the romantic era. The title refers to the distinctive symmetry of the instrumentation: four instruments from the trumpet family and framed by two representative of the bugle family. The use of the trumpet was remarkable at the time because the characteristic brass ensembles of the period consisted exclusively of bugle-family instruments. It was for such a group of 2 cornets, alto, tenor and baritone horn, for example, that Viktor Ewald wrote his well known quintets.

Generally speaking, modern performers choose a group of 3 trumpets, french horn, trombone, and tuba. The question of which instrument to use of the exposed and rather high bass part, intended by the composer for the “high Bb tuba” is tricky. A great tubist could play it on an F or Eb tuba, but a more compact ensemble sound is obtainable with a euphonium, baritone, or small French Bb tuba. Most notably, the bass part should never be brought down an octave.

To help you sort out which instruments you choose for the ensemble, I have included a total of 8 different transposed parts:

1. Solo Cornet/Trumpet
2. Trumpet 1 in Bb
3. Trumpet 2 in Bb
4. Bass Trumpet in C
4. Alto Horn in Eb
4. Horn in F
5. Trombone
6. Tuba

Check out the first page of each in the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download at half of the standard retail price above. This piece is too important to be priced out of reach of most players!

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