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Your Daily Flexibilities By Erik Veldkamp


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As Professor of Trumpet Technique at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and member of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Erik Veldkamp has learned first hand what works for players at levels to establish a strong daily routine that covers all areas of playing. This new series of “Your Daily” studies takes you on a tour of all aspects of trumpet technique with an innovative and interesting approach.

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Your Daily Flexibilities is a 92-page book of flexibility studies that is expertly organized into three sections so you can easily drop them into your daily practice routine. It begins with 20 Basic Flexibility Studies, followed by 20 Intermediate Flexibility Studies, and concludes with 30 Advanced Flexibility Studies. Everything is progressive and very thoughtfully organized, and by the time you make it to the end, you will be rotating through alternate fingerings and slipping through partials all over the range like it is second nature. Do yourself a favour and add these to your daily routine and start reaping the rewards today.

To the left you can see some samples, and above you can grab an immediate PDF download.

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