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Complete Daily Exercises (8 Books)
Complete Daily Exercises (8 Books)
Your Daily Articulations
Your Daily Pentatonics (Play Along)
Your Daily Hexatonics
Your Daily Minor Scales (& More)
Your Daily Octatonics
Your Daily Major Scales (& More)
Your Daily Flexibilities
Your Daily Intervals

Complete Daily Exercises (8 Books) By Erik Veldkamp


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As Professor of Trumpet Technique at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and member of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Erik Veldkamp has learned first hand what works for players at levels to establish a strong daily routine that covers all areas of playing. This new series of “Your Daily” studies take you on a tour of all aspects of trumpet technique with an innovative and interesting approach.

This massive 750-page collection of daily exercises, spread out over 8 books, includes extensive exercises covering Articulations, Flexibilities, Pentatonics, Hexatonics, Octatonics, Minor Scales, Major Scales, and Intervals. By choosing a handful of examples from each book each day, you will be giving yourself a nearly infinite amount of variety in daily practice while ensuring you cover all areas of playing every time you enter the practice room. When you add in the incredible play-along files that go with the pentatonics book, you have a full technique routine that is completely unmatched anywhere else in the trumpet catalogue.

You can see the full list of covers to the left in the samples, and below you can find writeups for each individual book if you click through. When you are ready click above to grab them all at half price.

Books Included

  1. Veldkamp, Your Daily Intervals
  2. Veldkamp, Your Daily Pentatonics (Play-Along)
  3. Veldkamp, Your Daily Articulations
  4. Veldkamp, Your Daily Flexibilities
  5. Veldkamp, Your Daily Major Scales
  6. Veldkamp, Your Daily Minor Scales
  7. Veldkamp, Your Daily Hexatonics
  8. Veldkamp, Your Daily Octatonics

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